Visiting Card

Visiting Card cdr Black & Gray

Visiting Card cdr Black & Gray

File Instructions:
This Card Design is created in Corel Draw 9.0. You need to install CorelDraw 9.0 or a higher version of Corel Draw.  You can find group & ungroup objects used in this file as well to arrange it yourself. You can change color type CMYK or RGB. You can also download WinRar from Here. Click the Download Now Button to Download cdr source File.

File Information:
File Name:                            Visiting Card Design Black
File Size:                                3.5 x 2 Inch
Color Mode:                         CMYK with 300 dpi resolution
Files Included:                    CDR & JPG
File Format:                        CDR
Free Premade & Fully Editable file
File Size:                            232KB
Download file type:         Zip-Rar
File Edit:                           CorelDraw 9.0 or Higher Version
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Commands Used in this file:
In this file you will find two copy of design. One is group and fully prepared design and second is ungroup design. You can eight ungroup design and edit it according to your needs.
Group              Control + G
Ungroup        Control + U
Power Clip Inside : to edit power clip Right Click on the object the EDIT CONTENT, when editing finished then Right Click on the object and click FINISH EDITING THIS LEVEL. You can also get help form youtube.
Enjoy downloading Corel Draw free cdr Designs included Visiting Cards, Letter Head, Flyer, Brusher, Pumplet Panaflex, and all kind of user Custom design for free created by

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